The institute has a library of its own since inception. This is the best Anthropological Library in the state. The specialty of The library lies in its unique collection of rare and useful publications in subjects like Anthropology and Sociology besides other disciplines, which attracts a large number of scholars from outside. It is functioning in its newly constructed three storied building since 2008.

Researchers are allowed to access the library. Readers can use the A.C. Reading Room to go through the books.

With the substitution of the closed-door almirahs with open shelves in the top floor of the building, the library has become fully accessible for the readers. The library has been fully computerized and it is now connected to all the research personnel of the institute through the local network with the installation of a server.

Books & Reports

The Library consists of around 23,000 books from reputed national and international publishers. Around 1200 reports published inhouse and by the department find a place in the library.


The library subscribes around 25 print journals. It caters to the subjects of Anthropology, Sociology and Sustainability. It has a collection of more than 1100 Bound Journals. It is also planning to subscribe more than 2500 journals through JSTOR

eBooks and eJournals

Besides subscribing ebooks and eJournals from JSTOR the library is archiving its own publications and out of print publications in softcopies. These are available to the researchers and students through the local network.


PVTG Handbooks
Tribe Handbooks
Special Publications